Solar Lighting Arresters
₹ 1500 Per P

These devices are used to protect electrical systems by redirecting excessive voltage surges to the ground.

Earthing Lightning Arrester
₹ 5000 Per P

Lightning arrestors and surge protectors are designed to protect electronic equipment by absorbing electrical surges. However, these devices are not a substitute for good grounding. They function only in conjunction with effective grounding. The grounding system is an important part of your wiring infrastructure.

Lightening Arrestor (LA) 1 mtr/14mm with CB steel base plate
₹ 499 Per pc

Lightning arresters are used to protect electric fences. They consist of a spark gap and sometimes a series inductor. Such type of equipment is also used for protecting transmitters feeding a mast radiator. For such devices the series inductance has usually just one winding.

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