How to Create Free Seller account on Urja Sathi?

To register on Urja Sathi, follow the steps given below:

  • Visit the Business Registration Page
  • Enter your business details- Company name, Contact No, GST No and Email Id
  • Choose Products and services you are dealing with
  • Add Your Address and Click Submit
  • Our team will Contact You for further process and making your catalogue on Urja Sathi Portal

How do I register for paid services?

Simply Write an E-mail or Call our Sales Team button above to register for our paid services. Our executives will reach out to you and explain our services in detail.
Our paid services provide businesses a platform that gives them better online visibility and access to various features and benefits. You can choose from the following paid services which we offer.

How to Sell Items on Urja Sathi?

To sell items on Urja Sathi, you need to register on Urja Sathi as a Seller.
You can register on Urja Sathi by clicking on Business registration button above.
We will be collecting basic details from you like name, phone number, company name, email, 3 name only products, address and GST to get you registered on the platform.
Post approval, you will be able to sell items on Urja Sathi

Benefits of becoming a Verified Supplier ?

Verified suppliers are suppliers whose email, company name & contact details are verified

  • 1. More visibility – higher listing on Urja Sathi and Notified as “Verified Supplier”
  • 2. Due to more visibility, you will get more buyer enquiries
  • 3. You will receive more buyer requirements through Urja Sathi
  • 4. Verified Supplier tag creates a sense of trust among buyers
  • 5. Spam call controlling

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