Solar Aatta chakki
₹ 43000 Per

Solar Atta Chakki is a revolutionary concept to reduce extractive farming and promote sustainable living. Its high-efficiency solar panels help in providing relief from irregular electricity, meaning farmers no longer need to pay expensive diesel costs as they grind their grains.

20 HP Solar Atta Chakki Sytem
₹ 1100000 Pe

1. 20 HP Solar Atta Chakki System 2. Comes with Monocrystalline Hulf-cut Solar Module (555Wp x 64Pcs) 3. 40 VFD with Inbuilt protection 4. Comes with Solar GI Mounting Structure and all Installation Accessoriees (Pre-Galvanized Solar Structure, Solar DC Cables, Fasterners, Cable Ties etc). 5. Two sets of Earthing (One VFD Earthing & Lighthning Arrester with earthing) 6. Comes with Standard Brand Warranties 7. At reasonable price, feel free to contact us.

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