Solar Dc Wire, Thickness -2.5 Sq mm (100 Meter)
₹ 2800

Pixel Dc Wire Dual Insulation

Dc wire
₹ 35 Per Mit

A solar DC wire is the connecting wire that is used in a DC solar circuit to transfer current. In a solar system, the electricity produced by the solar panels is in the form of direct current. Hence, to transfer this form of energy to other gadgets like solar inverters and solar batteries, a solar DC wire is required.

Solar DC Wire
₹ 55 Per Mit

Solar panel are the source of direct current (DC). It is strongly advisable to use dc wire for connecting solar panels with inverter and charge controller.

4 SqMM Copper DC Cable (Savera brand)
₹ 3199

DC Cables. DC cables are designed to transmit electrical energy in the form of direct currents.

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