Solar Retrofit- SRS 2420
₹ ₹ 2,995

Convert normal inverter into solar inverter without any change in existing wiring Solar optimization technique to extract maximum power from solar panels User friendly informative LCD display Four stage charging for faster and safe charging of battery.

solar inverter 3 kw
₹ 48,350

3-Phase Solar On Grid Inverter Which is Completely Made In India, built with Natural Cooling Technology having 4.5kW maximum DC input to the Inverter without any losses and It works up to 60 degrees without any derating.It has 1100 V System Voltages

ungird inverter
₹ 8 per watt

1 to 100 kilo watt

Solar hybrid inverter 200 Watt /12.8V
₹ 13708

Solarmax Smart Solar PCU with Wall Mounted Inbuilt Lithium Battery (LiFePo4 battery) Inverters are highly integrated, deep cycle backup power solutions for your solar home energy storage system. It can be charged by Grid Power as well as by Solar Power. This is a hybrid inverter and automatically selects the solar power source first to charge the batteries and support load during the day. This lowers the power consumption for battery charging and lowers the cost of electricity for our consumers. Additionally, this inverter features a built-in battery management system that prolongs the life of Lithium batteries and assists in maintaining the health of each cell. Key Features 1, No maintenance and higher no of years warranty and life in Battery 2, Battery chargeable by Grid and Solar 3, No Acid Fumes, Maintenance Free 4, 5 Years of Warranty for Battery and 2 Year of Warranty for Inverter

Solar Universe India Hybrid Solar Inverter - 250VA / 12V (200W) with inbuilt battery of 12.8V-42ah, USB Mobile Chargers, FM Radio, LCD Display, AC & DC Input & Output - SUI-RAJ-250VA + 42ah Battery
₹ 27750

This is a multipurpose Solar Off Grid Kit especially designed for the remotest areas & locations where lighting access, portability & multiple features are quintessential as well as lifesaving. An ALL IN ONE Solar Kit comprising of FM Radio, USB & Memory Card Playback, Mobile & Other Smart Gadget Charger, 12V DC Output for DC appliances, 200W AC Output to run non inductive or surge loads of up to 200W, AC & DC Input and Output and an inbuilt LiFePo4 Battery. To further expand the battery size, kindly connect externally a 12.8V-42ah LiFePo4 battery only. A feature rich product for those looking to camp, run their businesses off grid, for army and security forces as well as for people devoid of basic energy access. Due to constant technology advancements, the picture or look of the final product may vary however the features & functions will always be above and beyond what is advertised.

₹ 16928

A grid-tie inverter converts direct current (DC) into an alternating current (AC) suitable for injecting into an electrical power grid, at the same voltage and frequency of that power grid. Grid-tie inverters are used between local electrical power generators: solar panel, wind turbine, hydro-electric, and the grid.

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